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5 Less Known Problems That Botox Can Treat

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Botox injections, best known as a wrinkle minimize have the potential to treat much more. The drug is now being used to treat depression, migraines, overactive bladders and other conditions. It is a neurotoxin from bacteria that can be deadly if ingested, but if injected in small does, can smooth wrinkles. Botox treatment blocks signals between nerves and muscles causing the muscles around wrinkles to move much less.

The 5 Lesser known problems that Botox can treat are:

  •  Migraines: Botox for migraines is found successful as it was first used by Dr William Binder and what he observed that the botox being given for wrinkles have reported him a lesser headache and lower level of migraines thus, taking it to prove effective for migraines.

  • Underarm Sweating: Botox treatments for your wrinkles can effectively lessen the sweating in your underarms. In 2004, Botox was approved for this treatment and is the first choice to lesser or minimize sweating in underarms.

  • Squint Eyes: With the use of botox in the under eye or other treatments, the disorder that affects around 4% of Americans: strabismus is seen to be less in them. This is the disorder in which the eyes do not line up in the equal and same direction. Botox has helped this to get in the right order.

  • Depression: Even though the experts and professionals are still sceptical regarding its effective use over depression, the early trials suggest that Botox can decrease the symptoms in people being lined up with depression. Thus, Botox can be proved effective in treating depression.

  • Premature Ejaculation: Getting botox injected into the penis might relax the muscles and cause a delay in the ejaculation. Many companies are currently doing experiments on this on clinical trials.

How Botox treats depression is unknown but some doctors think that facial expressions, like smiling, can impact mood. While doing Botox eye treatment, however, effects could spread beyond the injection site, causing muscle weakness and double vision. Using Botox to treat certain conditions like depression has not been approved by the FDA, but can be prescribed off-label.

Botox can be used to have the proved thing it can cure and it may give you relief from these lesser known problems too. Botox injection cost can range from different tiers as it depends on quantity of units being used. This innovative offering and new nonsurgical treatment can do wonders for sure but if used correctly.

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  • February 13, 2018
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