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Causes And Treatment of Acne

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Times are changing and so is the definition of beauty, good looks and confidence. Thankfully, the age-old stigmatic concepts of fair skin-good and that of wheatish or darker skins-not so good are depleting. But, acne-free, healthy, soft supple skin was and always be in the future as well, the real definitions of beauty.

Have you ever suffered from acne? Have you suffered the extreme physical discomfort and pain as well as the mental stress involved? Trust us, you are not alone. Good news is that acne can be treated completely including facial scar removal. Technology has helped develop various treatments, peels and procedures which if imparted in the correct manner, can wave off the occurrence as well as the after-effect marks of acne completely. We at Look Young Clinic offer you the best acne treatment which can return back your dream skin in a few days only.


The breakout or lesion you see on your face, or any other part of the body like neck, chest, even scalp, thigh areas, etc. with an innate redness and with or without white liquid (puss) at its tips is acne. In scientific terms, the disease is called Acne Vulgaris. Our skin consists of various pores connected to oil glands through follicles. The oil glands keep our skin hydrated with their oil ‘sebum’ at all times. These pores tend to get blocked by dead skin, dust, cosmetics, etc. and the secreted oil clogs up inside the follicles leading to bacterial growth and breakouts. Age, heredity, work, stresses, medications, contraceptives, food-habits amongst others are the common causes that lead to acne.


Depending on the severity of the issue, body-parts affected, an age of the victim, allergies, environmental backgrounds, etc. the kind and type of treatment should be chosen for the treatment:

  • Acne should not be touched again and again as it may lead to spreading of the infection to other areas. Do wash the affected area multiple times in a day, with a doctor prescribed medicinal wash.

  • Therapies: We as a leading skin specialist centre in Delhi offer various technology-induced therapies that are comparatively a safer and faster solution to the problem as they tend to directly work on the root causes. We offer Lasers treatment for acne under expert’s guidance that kills the root-bacteria and inhibits its future growth. We also offer other photodynamic treatments, chemical peels

  • Creams, Lotions and Tablets: Many creams, lotions having retinoids or retinoid-like chemicals like adapalene, etc. may be effective. Antibiotics in conjunction with benzoyl peroxide may be prescribed to inhibit bacterial growth. Azelaic acid and it products are comparatively a natural remedy. Steroids may also be advised in severe cases. These medications should be taken under the able guidance of a certified dermatologist only.

Look Young Clinic in Delhi is the best clinic for aesthetic treatments offering various treatments like Botox, Dermal Fillers etc. These treatments assure you a younger-looking and a younger-looking ‘newer you’.

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