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Facial Reshaping Using Botox: Do They Worth?

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Optimists associate ageing with wisdom. The rest – with wrinkles. But Botox injections are more than that. Is it worth trying to use Botox for face remodelling? Let us assess!

It’s no secret that a woman’s face is a calling card, on which one can learn a lot about her character and habits, her way of life and her attitude to herself. At the same time, the fair sex likes to remain mysterious and just love to seem younger than their years. But what if the real age is torn out? Until now, the most common way to rejuvenate the skin a person was an injection of Botox. Have a look at the details here.

Botox for the face is used in aesthetic cosmetology and facelift treatment for more than 30 years. Injections of the drug compete with plastic surgery since at high efficacy are less traumatic. Modern medicine and cosmetic surgery are finding new areas of application of Botox preparations. Further, its popularity is shown by dry figures of statistics: for example, for four years 4.6 million “beauty injections” were made in America only.

How does it work?

When botulinum toxin is injected into the mimic muscle, it relaxes, and the arrival of impulses from the nerve endings is blocked. Thanks to this, a long and persistent muscle relaxation are achieved. The result is known – the disappearance of hateful wrinkles and removes fat from the face.

An experienced specialist will take into account the following nuances: individual features of the patient’s facial expressions, skin condition, a combination of intramuscular and intradermal methods of drug administration (injections are performed in two stages: first intramuscularly, second after 10-14 days intradermally), and the number of units of the drug.


Botox treatment is a highly capable process. With it, many neurological diseases and pain syndromes (for example, migraines), urination disorders, sports injuries, hyperhidrosis (increased sweating) are still treated. The medicine removes muscle spasms on the neck, shoulders, back. Botulinum toxin is also used in the complex program of treatment of cerebral palsy: improves limb movements, helps the growth of muscles and bones, and relieves pain.

cosmetic and medical treatments, botox treatment, botox treatment in delhi, non-surgical wrinkle treatmentWhen is it better to start the procedure?

A cosmetologist can only solve it. First, the doctor needs to determine how much the muscles of the patient’s face are in hypertension, and only then he will recommend (or not) injections of botulinum toxin. Age is neither an indication nor a contraindication for the procedure. Usually, women begin to be interested in “beauty injections” from about 27 years old.


Botox injections for face lifting treatment are not dangerous for health because the doses used for crow’s feet, lion and forehead wrinkles are extremely low. Side effects are sometimes observed: headaches, redness at injection sites, and drooping eyelid. They are all utterly reversible over time.

On the other hand, Botox should not be injected outside the recommended areas (forehead, crow’s feet, lion’s wrinkles), especially in the mouth and neck, because of potentially more serious complications.

There is no risk of Botox addiction, but there are some botox aftercare one should consider. After 4 to 6 months, you can choose to renew or skip the injections. The duration of this interval of 4 to 6 months and the use of the dosages and the recommended concentrations makes it possible to obtain a natural and stable result in time. The popular belief of a risk of addiction to Botox probably comes from the models or the stars, especially Americans: we must not forget that the stars do not reflect the reality. They are sometimes people who have self-esteem disorders and tend to overdo everything.

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