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Laser Skin Treatment- Best Way to Remove Acne Scars

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Acne is a fairly common skin concern which occurs when skin pores fill up with oil, bacteria and dead skin cells. It’s even more common for people with oily skin. This is because the follicle glands get stimulated and as a result, end up producing more sebum. Well, of course, sebum is a required product and helps in lubricating the skin, but the excess of it blocks the follicle and gives rise to pimples and acne on your skin.

It’s a common belief that acne occurs during adolescence, stays around for a few years, and then leaves you for good. Well, well, well, sorry to break your bubble but acne can occur to anyone, at any age, even during the latter half of your lives.

As the acne fill up with oil and bacteria, they become inflamed and burst. When all of this happens deep beneath the skin, the infection spreads sometimes even spread to deeper tissues and causes even bigger lesions.

While there are many acne scar treatments floating in the market, such as excision, chemical peeling, dermabrasion, etc. With several beauty risks attached and high costs and longer treatment durations, these acne scar treatments are far from ideal.

As a result, our body boosts the production of collagen in a bid to deal with the damage. This causes our skin’s smooth texture to change, causing indentations and depressions, and sometimes, even excess skin. These inflammatory lesions and the entire process of causing acne and healing it causes acne scarring.

Often rendering a profound effect on people’s social and professional lives, acne scarring demands a permanent treatment.

Only microdermabrasion and laser acne scar removal are considered to be thoroughly effective treatments for acne scars. Over time, laser treatment for acne scars has proven to be the best acne scar removal treatment. It’s a non-invasive and permanent solution to stubborn acne scars.

And now, let’s learn a few things about how the treatment work.

Laser acne scar removal treatment involves the use of lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). These micro-pulses reach so deep into our skin’s topmost layer. The continuous use of pulsed lasers leads to the breakdown of the desired skin tissues, with body’s natural healing process taking away the damaged tissues. This is followed by collagen production, which heals and rejuvenates the skin beneath.

Look Young Clinic is one of the best acne scar treatment clinics in Delhi, understands that a single sitting is just not enough to heal your acne scars.  A number of sittings over a period of a month or two would be enough to get you rid of acne scars.

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