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Microdermabrasion Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

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Our skin is mostly exposed to harsh environmental elements. With constant exposure to sun rays, pollution and other damaging agents, our skin ages and dulls out.

Microdermabrasion is a treatment that can help us reduce and subsequently eliminate such signs of ageing like wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, acne scars, pigmentation, age spots, etc.

I’m pretty sure that most of us have heard of this term, but only a few actually know much about it. Let’s get into the details.

What is Microdermabrasion?

It is a non-chemical, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that involves the use of a spray of microcrystals in order to remove the outermost layer of dead and dry cells and reveal a healthier, younger-looking skin.

The process also escalates the production of new skin cells brimming with higher levels of elastin and collagen, further contributing to younger skin. As a matter of fact, Microdermabrasion is much gentler than its counterpart Dermabrasion, which is used for damage that has seeped in further and beyond the reach of Microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion treatment uses a nominally abrasive instrument that gently sands the outermost layer of our skin removing the dead, dry cells. This skin rejuvenation treatment is particularly helpful in:

  1. Eliminating blackheads and age spots

  2. Exfoliating skin

  3. Reducing the appearance of stretch marks

  4. Improving hyperpigmentation

  5. Eliminating or reducing enlarged pores

  6. Decreasing wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet

  7. Treating acne and acne scars

Essentially, Microdermabrasion is known to thicken the collagen and making our skin feel smooth and taut.

Who is eligible for this treatment?

Healthy adults with relatively minor signs of aging like facial lines, sun damage, uneven pigmentation, texture issues, clogged pores, rosacea, sun damage, and age spots are ideal candidates for this type of skin rejuvenation treatment.

It’s important to bear in mind that it is a non-invasive treatment with its own limitations and cannot be used for treating loose, saggy skin, and other problems deep under the skin.

Who isn’t an ideal candidate for this treatment?

People with deep scars, lesions, active keloids, active acne, unstable diabetes, recent herpes and warts need to steer away from this treatment. Also, the treatment should be avoided during pregnancy.

Moreover, patients who just underwent any treatment involving collagen injections or chemical peels should wait for about a month before undergoing Microdermabrasion.

Are there any risks attached?

As such, it is a virtually safe treatment procedure with many a benefit and no known side effects. Slight skin irritation is okay and not a matter of concern.

Treatment results and recovery

Referred to as ‘lunch hour’ treatment, Microdermabrasion is a quick procedure that can easily be performed in an hour or so, without any discomfort.

Once through the treatment, your skin may turn slightly pink. The hue, however, fades within a few hours.

If you seek to avail this cosmetic procedure, or wish to consult a dermatologist for any other procedure, please schedule an appointment at Look Young Clinic, Delhi.

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