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    Define Your Features With Permanent Makeup

    Having immaculate appearance, perfectly lined eyebrows, youthful looking skin, delightful lips and brilliantly characterized eyes is a fantasy for each lady. Having these excellence highlights not for one night but rather for a durable time

    By :Look Young Clinic

    Published on :June 25, 2018

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    Feathered Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo – Pros and Cons

    Eyebrows have become the key feature and main focus for facial makeup artist all over the fashion industry. You may not have perfect eyebrows to match up with all other of your facial features

    By :Look Young Clinic

    Published on :June 19, 2018

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    Enhance and Uplift your Lips using Fillers

    Lip Enhancement can plump and add volume to the lips making them look natural, soft and smooth. Women with naturally thin lips or whose lips thinned with age can utilize botox treatment to enhance their looks.

    By :Look Young Clinic

    Published on :June 13, 2018

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    Micro-Needling Treatment for Anti-Ageing

    In Anti-Aging Treatment we use tattoo removal lasers technique for sunspots to achieve the anti-ageing process. This treatment is gentler and effective in just one session compared to traditional lasers and chemical peels

    By :Look Young Clinic

    Published on :May 24, 2018

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    Botox Treatment for Frown Lines and Crow’s Feet

    Botox is the drug that is usually prepared from the botulin and used for certain muscular condition and to remove wrinkles cosmetically by putting a temporary paralysis to the facial muscles.

    By :Look Young Clinic

    Published on :May 16, 2018

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    Permanent Makeup Vs Semi-Permanent Makeup

    Permanent make-up and perpetual beautifiers are terms generally utilized as a part of America while in spots, for example, Australia, semi-permanent makeup is utilized to expressly avoid false promoting.

    By :Look Young Clinic

    Published on :May 9, 2018

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