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Smile Lines Around Mouth- Causes and Treatments

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For most of the people around the world, smile lines are not exactly a reason to smile about. Medically referred to as nasolabial lines, these smile or laugh lines should not be confused with wrinkles.

To put it clearly, smile lines are creases that form at both sides of our mouth whenever we smile or laugh. Generally, these creases run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth.

If you notice carefully enough, you will see a similar formation around your eyes too. These also appear as you smile but are known as crow’s feet. Well, we’ll keep this for another day, and focus only on smile lines today.

These nasolabial folds are a result the loss of facial volume and are caused by repeated oral movements, overexposure to the sun, genetics, reduction of hyaluronic acid and reduction in the facial elastin and collagen. As we age, such creases become more and more apparent.

As you go along, you could also witness similar lines and folds scattered all over your face. This is, however, not a reason to fret since these are essentially the same creases, just referred to by different names.

Let’s learn a bit more about the causes of laugh lines, shall we?

While most of the skin disorders are caused due to age, smile lines differ. They don’t always mean that you are ageing. Smile lines are substantially pronounced when you laugh and thus the name smile line. The more you talk and smile, the more are your chances of having such creases on your face.

Nowadays, it’s fairly common to see such lines people in their 20s. While the rest of their facial skin would seem impeccable, these laugh lines would be the only thing apparent. Also, these aren’t supposed to be chronic. In quite a few cases, smile lines don’t require an immediate fixing. A treatment is only advisable when these creases begin to appear deeper, which is mostly caused by smoking and overexposure to the sun. In such cases, our skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag.

Let’s now see how we can get rid of nasolabial folds.

While not laughing at all is a legitimate precautionary measure, there are a number of other things you can do to get rid of smile lines. Let’s see:

1. Botox: Small doses of Botox injections can rejuvenate your face and diminish the appearance of smile lines. Botox helps your muscles relax, and as a result, they do not crinkle up whenever you smile.

2. Fillers: Both collagen and acid-based fillers work fine for laugh lines. Since both of them are natural components found in our skin’s connective tissues, they can be injected directly into wrinkles.

Of course, there are a few surgical treatments available, however, it’s advised not to go with them. They should only be used as the last resort which is mostly when you are not a suitable candidate for the above-mentioned non-surgical treatments for smile lines.

The best option is to consult a facial aesthetic expert and determine the best treatment for smile lines. Look Young Clinic is one of the best aesthetic clinics in India for curing laugh lines. Feel free to contact them in case of any query.

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