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Stem Cell Treatment: The Future of Anti-Aging Treatments

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As we age, our body’s capability to replenish itself declines. This happens because the stem cell reserves within the body deplete over time. With the diminishing levels of these reserves, their ability to multiply and replace the old cells diminishes as well.

Stem cells have long been under scrutinizing research for their potential to heal the incurable, and they have now drawn the attention of dermatologists eyeing anti-ageing solutions.

Latest researches prove how stem cell treatments and procedures can be used to rejuvenate skin as well as organs and subsequently increase the feeling of well-being.

So, is the hype surrounding the immortal stem cells true? Let’s find out.

Stem cells have a godlike capacity to repair and rejuvenate worn out diseased cells. And if such cells are introduced to the facial skin, they can yield amazing benefits; from saggy, loose skin to the eventual disappearance of fine lines, wrinkles and almost all the signs of aging. And as It is claimed, there are no side effects attached to the process of stem cell rejuvenation, unlike the other prevalent cosmetic procedures.

Where do stem cells come from?

Stem cells are mostly derived from one’s own body, either from fat or from the blood. The fat content is taken from the lumbar area and is then processed at a stem cell laboratory.

And since the treatment requires a product from one’s own body and doesn’t require a foreign substance, it’s fair to believe that the procedure lacks any side-effect, infection or allergy.

More and more researchers are exploring the therapeutic effects attached to stem cells derived from the fat, some of which are scar management, skin rejuvenation and skin repair.

Anti-aging Stem Cell Treatment

A leading dermatologist reported how tissues and cells obtained from the same individual have immense potential for applications in anti-ageing treatments. The Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, India, is all game to sponsor researchers and development studies on different aspects of stem cells’ healing properties and has thereby allocated a separate fund for the same.

To harness the power potential of stem cells in anti-ageing, pervasive research is going on in All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

The stem cell anti-ageing procedure has been carried out on as much as 35 patients. Since the anti-ageing procedure is still under research, patients are still apprehensive of the treatment procedure. However, owing to its benefits and lack of side effects, each passing day more and more people are acknowledging the same.

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