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Your eyebrows are one of the most prominent facial aspects of your face. A made up and well-groomed eyebrow can easily perk up any look of the day. But, this does not mean that you need to wear permanent make-up, a brow definer with brow gels 24 hours a day. Eyebrows can also be groomed using treatments and procedures that give 100 percent result for a long time to come. Microblading procedure rules this roost. We at Look Young Delhi Clinic, use the best of treatment procedures with the best of tools to ensure that results that our clients actually want can be achieved. We undoubtedly, provide the best microblading treatment in West Delhi. Let us help you understand the procedure involved closely :


It is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that involves shaping eyebrows with a tattoo-like chemical that tends to simulate natural hair growth in those particular parts. It gives your eye brows the full, edgy and an always-groomed look, you always wanted. It is also known by the names of embroidery, microstroking, feather touch and hair like strokes. Initially, the treatment pigment camouflages the gaps between your perfect shape and the one that you have. In course of time, the pigment is replaced by natural grown hair. The procedure involves 3 major steps:

  • First, is to give the eyebrow the perfect shape with an erasable pigment, as per your choice of look. It includes drawing the perfect brow-line with the required edge and arch.

  • Once the customer is satisfied with the outer shape, the second step involves steps to make the process painless altogether. The eyebrow, area is thus treated with a numbing cream followed by an anesthesia. Thus, all you would feel during the treatment is slight tinge.

  • Third and final step involves creating the perfect strokes. Very fine needles are used to create very minute incisions, and the pigment is then deposited in them to give the look of real eye-brow strokes. The pigment then simulates hair growth in that particular area. We use the industry’s best ink for microblading. The final look achieved during this treatment is all natural.
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Once done, the change is straightaway visible to everyone. There is no wait-time. It remains that way for a period of two to three years. You are just required to visit for touch-ups, once a year.


No, it does not require any kind of maintenance after the initial 30 days of healing, wherein too the brows just have to be saved from excessive water that may lead to bacterial build up in incisions. Yearly touch up ensures they remain in spic and span shape.


The microblading eyebrows treatment involves perfect and meticulous drawing of eyebrows, hair strokes and incisions. It is a sensitive mix of creativity and technique. Our expert with their years of experience ensure highest level of precision and safety for each of our clients.