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Non-Invasive Laser Treatment for Skin Tightening

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Time and tide wait for none, and neither do the signs of ageing. And as we age, our skin loses its self-moisturizing components along with collagen and elastin, and in the process, begins to appear loose and saggy.

Saggy and loose skin is one of the most common anti-ageing symptoms and plagues almost everyone as they age.

With age comes with wisdom; and so does saggy skin. It’s, however, possible to retain the wisdom while not exhibiting the signs of ageing even a bit.

How did you ask? With a laser, or non-surgical skin tightening treatment, we tell.

What is a laser skin tightening treatment?

It’s an exclusive treatment procedure for facial rejuvenation which dramatically diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, and majorly loose and saggy skin, rendering a smoother, younger-looking skin.

How does a skin tightening treatment work?

Laser skin lifting and tightening is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment that involves the use of an infrared laser to heat the collagen under the epidermis, which subsequently causes the skin to tighten.

It promotes the growth of collagen, which is our skin’s youth protein, and further promotes the collagen absorption and accumulation at the treated areas. As a result, the patient can immediately begin to notice a softer, smoother appearance.

It’s an FDA approved procedure and an exemplary procedure to reduce skin laxity.

An important thing to note here is that the treatment may not offer results as drastic as facelifts and surgical procedures, the patients enjoy noticeable improvements immediately after the treatment with no downtime involved. This makes non-surgical skin lift an increasingly popular treatment for saggy skin.

Adding to its significance is the fact that the relatively safer than surgical treatments and can be performed majorly over all the body parts.

When should you consider a non-surgical, laser treatment?

  • If you have a residual skin laxity

  • If you have mild to severe loose skin on face, arms, neck and abdomen

  • Inability to opt for an invasive procedure

  • If you are unfit for surgical treatments

  • If you wish to improve your skin tone and texture

    What are the benefits of undergoing a laser skin tightening treatment?

  • Non-invasive, non-surgical procedure delivering equally potent results

  • Possible for most skin types

  • No incisions and therefore no discomfort and drastically reduced downtime

Depending on the breadth of the area to be treated, a non-surgical lifting procedure typically doesn’t take more than an hour. The patient is completely free to resume with routine activities with no downtime involved at all.

The minimal signs of procedure including warm sensations, minor swelling and redness might appear sometimes but would resolve themselves within few hours

Delightful skin and perfect facial contours are now just a call away. Feel free to contact Look Young Clinic to schedule an appointment.

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