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Permanent Treatment for Vitiligo Lips

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Vitiligo, otherwise called leucoderma, is a moderately common skin issue, in which white spots or patches show up on the skin. These spots are caused by obliteration or debilitating of the color cells in some areas, bringing about the color being pulverized or no longer created. As a rule, vitiligo is accepted to be an immune system related confusion. In vitiligo, just the shade of the skin is influenced however surface and other skin characteristics stay ordinary. The hair may likewise turn white that develops in territories influenced by vitiligo.

It happens when the melanocytes, cells in charge of skin pigmentation, bite the dust or can’t work. The exact reason for vitiligo is unpredictable and not completely comprehended. There is some proof recommending it is caused by a mix of auto-immune, genetic, and natural components.

The areas of skin and extent to which it affects the skin vary from person to person. In can affect many areas in the body including insides of the mouth, lips, hairs or even your eyes, and the areas affected are likely to stay the same way unless you opt for some treatment.

Key Effects Of Vitiligo To The Lips

We have already covered the effects of vitiligo and what causes it. Let’s review and look at the key effects of the condition on your lips and how you can look for a treatment.

It’s a photosensitive condition, which means that your lips will be much more sensitive to sunlight and it can cause irritation. Your lips will be discoloured and patches will form in a random manner, the patches can increase with time, it can spread slowly for days, weeks or even months.

Treatment For Vitiligo Lips

A permanent treatment of Vitiligo is through Micropigmentation. It is a non-surgical procedure in which the second layer of the skin is tattooed. At Look Young Clinic, Delhi you can get a micropigmentation procedure done on your lips to get rid of discoloured patches.

Apart from filling the colour to the skin, the process also gives a perfect shape to the lips. Moreover, you can select the shade of your choice to fill in your lips. There is no allergic reaction to the procedure.

Look Young Clinic is a cosmetic clinic in Delhi with a speciality in the treatment of all the major cosmetic treatment to provide you with perfect eyes to flawless skin.

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