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Who doesn't want a flawless, healthy and beautiful skin? There are a number of treatments available in the market which can help you get a mesmerizing and glowing skin. But sometimes you can be confused about the treatment which suits you best or a treatment which resolves all your skin related problems at once. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if with one chemical peel you can get smooth skin treatment, acne removal treatment as well as acne scar treatment? At Look Young Clinic, you will get the best skincare with chemical face peel treatment. Our experts provide the best skincare solutions for all skin type. Chemical face peel treatment is a simple yet effective method to get a smooth, healthy and beautiful skin. In the procedure, a chemical is applied to your face which turns into blisters and then peeled off. The newer skin will be smoother, clearer and healthier than before.

Specialty Of Our Service

With Look Young Clinic, you get a promise and assurance of best skin treatment from our experts. With our chemical face peel treatment you get:

  • Safe and secure treatment for your skin
  • Healthier, fairer and beautiful skin
  • Reduced fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth
  • Less acne and wrinkles
  • Removed Marks and uneven skin tone
  • Improved and better skin feel
microneedling for acne scars in delhi

Although chemical face peel treatment can be used by anyone, there are some conditions which make it a more suitable choice. The treatment is better for people with fairer and even skin. If you have an uneven skin with sags and severe acne than you should opt for other treatments at Look Young Clinic. Our experts make sure that the process is safe and best suited for your skin type.

There are basically two types of Chemical peel treatments, that are :-

  • Deep Peels, and
  • Superficial Peel

As it is very clear from the name itself, Deep peel uses stronger chemicals and provides deep cleansing and better results for the skin. Although the downtime after a deep peel will increase considerably as the skin becomes more sensitive and requires better care.

Superficial peel, however, is a better and more suitable process for someone getting this treatment for the first time. Superficial peel only provides a mild modification to the skin rather than deep cleansing. So if you are just looking for mild modifications, you should get superficial chemical peel treatment but for individuals looking for skin corrections like deep lines and wrinkles, the Deep chemical peel treatment is a better choice.

Our Strengths

As a reliable and reputed team of experts, we possess a strength that is unmatched in the industry. We can guarantee the best acne treatment that is safe for your skin’s health These treatments are painless too. You do not feel any problem while going through the chemical peeling sessions. We analysis the skin type and tone of every individual who comes to us for face lifting and then decides the type of therapy we should apply to them We use the most advanced technologies and tools to provide the top-class chemical peel treatment. Once the chemical is peeled off you can easily notice the differences on your face.

Our Aim

Our primary objective is to discover the most problematic areas on your face before beginning the treatment. At that point, we select the best technique for tending to those issues in the most convenient way. We mean to give you the correct treatment depending upon your age, skin composition, and skin tone. At Look Young Clinic, chemical peel cost varies depending upon the choice of treatment but rest assured we offer you the best skincare solutions at best prices.